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Bromley’s For Men

Face Value

The Call

Kroger continues to out-innovate traditional grocers with investments in omnichannel marketing, data-driven analytics and private brands. With Bromley’s, a new premium men’s grooming brand, the retailer was looking to launch the brand in-store and nationally online.

CBX collaborated with Kroger to define the brand purpose, positioning, and visual and verbal communication to help the brand compete with large CPG brands on-shelf and against trendy D2C brands online.

What we did


The Call

The Work

It turns out a large segment of guys are tired of the masculine hyperbole in men’s grooming, and don’t want to pay for over-engineered razors. They just want a clean, smooth shave at a reasonable price.

We positioned Bromley’s For Men as a brand that delivers the quality guys care about while cutting out all the crap they don’t. It’s a brand unafraid of the tough questions, like: Do you have a face? Do you have hair on said face? Do you appreciate not having to spend stupid amounts of money grooming said hair on said face? Because Bromley’s For Men was created for all men of all types with, well, a face.

The fun didn’t stop there. We brought the brand voice to life through digital content that celebrates and educates the “everyman” target. Through an integrated digital and social media strategy we can connect and engage with all men…assuming they have—you guessed it—a face.

The Impact

• In a nationwide trial, 88% of men said the Bromley’s razor gave a smoother shave than their current razor, and 80% said they would buy the Bromley’s product
• Exceeded Kroger’s sales estimates by 3x in the first month
• Redefined the customer experience for owned brands across multiple channels
• Helped countless men be a little smoother

The Impact